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Lofty_01 asked How do i get my bath water hotter?

Me and my boyfriend moved into a new house recently and all my hot taps in the house including my shower get really hot except for my bath tap, the water only ever gets luke warm so i have to boil kettles of water to put in the bath, when the plumber came to service the gas boiler i asked if he could make it hotter but he said its against the law for him to make the water any hotter in case anyone scalded themselves. Iv heard that there is something in the tap that controls the Water temperature, how do i remove it?

And got the following answer:

The bathtub faucet probably has an anti scald device. They can be adjusted but some are harder to adjust then others. Perhaps the realtor or landlord could help you find someone to make the adjustment. Raising the temperture of the boiler will not help with the problem.

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