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TJBalistic asked What is your favorite brand of hand tools?

I used to stick with Craftsman, but Sears has ticked me off too much. I'd like to switch brands. Any recommendations?

And got the following answer:

I am a mechanical millwright, Iron worker, fabricator and conveyor specialist.. I use many different brands of tools. No one company has the tool market cornered, there are many who have great tools of one sort, and crappy tools of another, for instance, Milwaulkee has the best Portable band saw and Saws-All, but I hate their cordless drills and grinders. Dewalt has the best Grinders and cordless Drills. But, Milwalkee "corded" drills are probably better than Dewalt, but they are close in quality. Bosch : the only tool that Bosch has that is better than milwaulkee and dewalt is the Hammer Drill, Bosch can't be compared to with the Hammer Drill, I don't like their grinders (they are dangerous) or any other tool they make. These are Power tools, as for wrenchs and sockets etc. You have Kobalt (Lowes) which are good, Cresent makes the very "best" ratchet wrenches I have ever used... I have never seen one break and I have seen Sears's "gear wrenchs" break a million times.. If you want to get CRAZY expensive you can go to SNAP ON, or MAC TOOLS and KLEIN (klein has wonderful great quality tools). On the LOWER END you can find "decent" tools, but not great at HARBOR FRIEGHT. I buy certain things there, like IMPACT SOCKETS, I get these sockets for $10 and they are gauranteed for life, at sears they cost $99. So, I guess my answer is that I don't buy all my tools at one place, you will find with age and experience that buying the best requires utilizing many different brands.

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