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nmm asked how to become a good talkin salesmen?

i mean i have to go door to door selling solar products and i know that is whats in right now..... i dont really want to hold a conversation because i know that people have things to do. i pass out flyers that explain briefly what the product is about including the finances. i need to make some cash quick because im planning to move off of hawaii lol. its too expensive here. no no no there is no prices on the flyers. lol.

And got the following answer:

To condense your call at the door into an actual SALE so you don't have to go back, I start by asking them the question, if you could go off grid and get paid a check every month by the electric company, would you? Of course the answer is YES. Then they ask you one, HOW? Then the door is open for you to explain, get a commitment/the sale. Just ask for it.

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