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engineer2b asked How does a water cooler work?

I am doing a research project on water coolers and before I can state how to improve the efficiency of water coolers I need to show that I understand the science and engineering principles behind the whole process. Even though I've spent many hours looking through books and journal articles I cannot find a source that explains the technical side well enough for a first-year mechanical engineering student to understand. Help!

And got the following answer:

I assume you refer to drinking water cooler, not a water chiller. A water cooler is composed of -bubbler and tray -control water valve -filter -compressor and capillary tube -tank and evaporator coil -condenser coil and fan -cool compartment (optional) -cabinet with internal insulation this last one may be with elongated tray to allow access by handicapped The cycle is exactly the same as any air conditioner except the evaporator is a coil wound around the reservoir tank. the heat remover is discharged directly to the internal room and as is very low quantity, is considered negligible by AC designer. The temperature of the water is about 55 deg F. The media is refrigerant 132a with no chlorine. w/evaporation t=45 to 47 deg F. Total heat rejection is about 1.75 input. and air condensing t= 105 deg F There are two major ways of improving efficiency. 1. using thicker insulation and 2. improving heat rejection. I had in my mind a a never realized project of improving efficiency that may be of use for your project: You may use the water that is wasted while the user is drinking and spray it over the condenser coil, that may result as a higher heat rejection and may alleviate the work of the compressor elevating the efficiency. Work on it!

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