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akfisherman asked What type of thermocouple is generally used in a gas oven?

Does anyone know what type of thermocouple is used in the pilot light / gas safety shutoff valve assembly in a typical gas oven?

And got the following answer:

A pilot-burner thermocouple is type J and uses stainless steel and constantan (copper-nickel alloy), also called chrome-iron and copper-nickel or copel. Rated 1400F/760C max. They generate typically 30 millivolts (open-circuit) and 15-20mV at sufficient current to operate a small electromagnet which is the "holding" part of the "Push to Light" mechanism of most pilot gas valves found on older furnaces and water heaters. For safety's sake always buy the manufacturer's parts, you don't need to know these technical details to fix a gas oven.

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