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Dan C asked How much electric is used in like terms?

If my cordless drill is 18v. How much electric from a 110v ac system does it take after its converted to dc in the battery to charge that battery. Going from the wall to the charger to the battery? Simplified: does it take 18v of converted power to charge an 18v battery? 20v? 36v? In essence, does it take 50cents of electric to get a 10cents charge?

And got the following answer:

The cost of electricity is typically about 10 cents per KWh (Kilowatt-Hour or 1,000 watt-hours). That is like a room electric heater operated for one hour. The charger likely would operate at much less watts for a shorter time and consume less and less watts as the battery reaches full charge. Because nothing is perfect and efficiency is less than 100%, more AV power would be used than DC power required by the DC battery. Also, the charger likely remains warm until unplugged continuing to consume energy (wasting heat energy) even after the battery is fully charged. The benefit of course is in convenience, especially at the top of a ladder without an extension cord.

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