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Lloyd asked Can i pick up a ups package before the schedule delivery date?

I want to know if it is possible to pick up ups ground packages before they deliver it with their trucks. I ordered a bunch of products from a internet site. Some are already at the close ups station near by but arent scheduled for delivery till tomorrow while most are scheduled to deliver on thursday but are already on theeir way to the local station and should be their either by tonight or tomorrow morning. Do you think if i drive up to the station tomorrow afternoon, will i be able to pick up the packages that are going to be delivery on Thursday instead of waiting another day?

And got the following answer:

Unfortunately not...UPS has cargo containers that holds hundreds of packages in one can alone that is 10' x 6' 1/2". They are sorted at "hubs" (places where packages are transferred to go to an exact place). Once the cargo can is closed, it is sealed for privacy and protection of the packages for clients. Only opened when being loaded upon a truck. Hope this finds you helpful!

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