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Mr. Person asked How much charge can I safely pump into my batteries at a time?

I have ten 200 Amp batteries. They're massive, 68kgs. Deep cycle Gel batteries. In my inverter the charger is rated at 85amps, what is the safest amount of charge that I can pump into them at a time. I heard you get past 80 and it starts becomming dangerous amounts to charge that much at a time? Is this true? Can I have more than 85? Basically I want to charge the batteries as fast as possible when the generator is on. Thanks for any help you can give. If it helps, the inverter is a Outback 3 kva inverter and the batteries are 200A Victron batteries, the generator is a 10kva. thanks for the help. Also it's a 24volt system operating. Also didn't think of temperature- it's on average of about 20-30 degrees celcius - all through the year. (we live on the eqautor.)

And got the following answer:

Gel cell battery manufacturers specify a maximum bulk rate charging current of .3*C or .4*C (C is the Capacity of the battery in Ahr). They typically recommend a bulk rate charging current of .25*C for maximizing the life of the cell. I just read you question a bit better, if you have ten 200AH batteries wired in parallel then you can easily pump the 80A into them. Its a 24V system so I guess you have 2 sets of '5 parallel wired batteries' in series. So you could go as high as 250A with no problems.

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