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dailytrder asked LED lighting waterproof?

If I hook up waterproof LED lighting underneath a cabinet, do I need a waterproof power supply? How likely is water going to get on the plug or even the LEDs? Is waterproof overfill.

And got the following answer:

For indoor use, there is no need to use the waterproof power supply and it is cost much more too than the common indoor power supply. The power suppply like what we called the desk top power supply(those ones for Notebook), which have hard housing, the water cannot get in. You can put it in dry place. And for the plug jiont between the power supply and the LED light, you can use some insulation tape or the similar to wrap it. This is the power supply I talked about: And I think most of us have the expierence that when play with Note Book, have tea cup or juice fall by accident and water flow to the power supply.

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