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Elli asked Would this generator work to occasionally power a homeade electric car?

Ok so I'm planning to build an electric vehicle. It will run only on batteries and be charged by the grid when I'm in town. However, a couple times a month I have to go out of town to the country. To charge the vehicle, and keep it going beyond range I'd need a generator. Unfortunately I don't know much about generator's yet. I was thinking of making room and other consolidations for this or a similar generator to run wile driving (to extend the range) and to charge the vehicle overnight when I'm in the middle of nowhere. It seems extremely efficient.

And got the following answer:

A generator you would need to power the vehicle in transit would need to be monstrous. The generator you've listed would charge the car at a ballpark rate of 10 hours. As an illustration, going 60mph for one hour would consume about 18000 watts, while the generator (running that same hour) could produce 1596 watts, about 5 additional miles. Also, most generators output AC voltage, and the battery pack (I can promise you) is DC voltage. You would need an additional rectifier to resolve this. At this point you'd be better off adding an additional 5 to 10 battery cells to get more miles, rather than buying an enormous generator, then a rectifier, and still be buying gasoline. Electric conversions are great for around-the-town use. But they're not intended to be the "everything" car. If you're going out to the country, use a different car.

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