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Niya asked What I need for a pet hedgehog?

I'm going to get a hedgehog soon, and i want to know what i need for my hedgie.

And got the following answer:

Along with this information I'm going to give you. You need to be doing plenty of more research on hedgehogs. They aren't the easiest animals to care for. Supplies: 1. Cage: Hedgehogs need a well ventilated cage which means absolutely NO TANKS OR TERRARIUMS. You can either make your cage or purchase one. Many cages hedgehog owners use are homemade. By using 2+ plastic tub containers and drilling holes in them with a wire top. Or you can build a C&C cage or you can purchase a commercial cage. Hedgehogs need A LOT of room, so guinea pig size cages and down are not large enough. Rabbit and larger are the ones you want. Or you can look for some ferret nation cages which is what I house my family of hogs in. 2. Food: Hedgehogs are feed on a high quality cat food. I suggest mixing at least 3 foods together 1 is fine but 3 or more is better. Some good brands are; blue buffalo, chicken soup for cat the lovers soul, Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Indoor or Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken. Insects can be fed as well. But not too much. 3. Running exercise wheel: Hedgehogs NEED a running wheel. Beware of some wheels can cause injuries to hedgehogs. The wheels that are not acceptable for hedgehogs are "Wodent wheels", silent spinner wheels and any wire wheels" Some good wheels are giant comfort wheels by super pet or homemade bucket or cake wheels. To see what the cake or bucket wheels or to buy one you can go here. 4. Food/water bowls: Hedgehogs will need ceramic food and water bowls. Do not use bottle for water they chip teeth and can cause injuries to their neck and tongues. Plus hedgehogs should be getting fresh food and water every night. 5.Kennel: You will need to bring your hedgehog home in something. A hard sided cat carrier is a great choice. You want hard because while during car ride if you get in an accident a hard sided kennel is more protection. 6. Heat source: If you live in a cold state or county that doesn't have a consistent temperature range in the room the hedgie between 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit then you will need a heat source. A heat pad is not an acceptable source of heat as it only heats the floor you need to heat the entire cage. Your best bet would be either a space heater or a CHE. A CHE is the best choice. A CHE is a ceramic heat emitter. I will show you some links to what you need to buy in order to put one together. It's cheaper to purchase this online than in the stores WAY cheaper. The bulb: The thermostat: Lamp: 7.Bedding: It's wise to stay away from ALL wood shaved bedding. Even carefresh can have bad effects on hedgehogs. Using wood shavings can cause mites, pieces of bedding can get consumed and will kill your hedgehog. And small pieces can get lodged in private areas and cause infections and or death. So my suggestion is to stay away from loose bedding. I use Fleece liners for my hedgehogs. They are easy to clean, cheap and are a cleaner way to house a hedgehog. 8. Sleeping house: Hedgehogs like to sleep in a dark warm area. So getting a dark house to sleep in is a must. Whether it be igloo's or snuggle sacks it depends on your hedgie's personal needs. 9. Grooming: Hedgehogs will need a bath and will need their nails clipped. For bathing you will need Aveeno oatmeal body wash,a tooth brush and a towel. You can use small fingernail clippers to clip his/her nails. 10. Toys: Depending on your hedgie's personality depends on what they will play with or play with toys at all. You can make your own toys or purchase some. Stay away from any toys that has beads in it, any holes that toes/teeth or noses can stick into. Cat balls, paper towel rolls, plastic dump trucks, small stuffed animals or tubes seem to be popular. For more information I advise you to read this book, it's free and downloadable and has everything you need for your hedgehog.

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