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cheekymonkey asked hand tools for wood working?

My husband is interested in working with hand tools. I would like to buy him a good quality "starter kit" for Christmas. Could you please point me in the right direction? What are good hand tool brands? What are some of the basic tools to look at? I want to spend about 250$ and realize I might just be able to get a few tools but have no idea where to start thx

And got the following answer:

1. Wood chisels ( Stanley 1/2" bevel 3 piece set for 19.98) 2. Claw hammer (Kobalt 13 oz Hickory curve claw hammer) 6.98 3. Drill bit set for wood (Irwin 8 piece speedbor 17.97) 4. Portable drill (Black and Decker 18 volt 3/8" cordless drill kit with case) 79.97 5. Miter Saw (Skill 10" Miter Saw 119.00 These are all at Lowe's

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