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rachelemme asked How do I know which programs should be running and which programs I can delete?

I have found the programs and processes by using ctrl+alt+del. I am trying to improve the speed of my laptop and make sure that any programs and processes running that I don't need are closed and or deleted.

And got the following answer:

Look at the ones running using the most memory first. If you are not using them, turn off. Clean your cache often. Your computer stores everything looked at and this will waste space. Go to Internet options-programs and delete old unused programs by right clicking on them. Careful here, don't delete a necessary program. Get rid of toolbars that are downloaded with programs. Empty your trash. Download Avast for free and remove Norton, if it came with your computer. Norton will make your computer slow. Try upgrading your memory. Have a friend do this if you can't. You will need to buy the memory and have a small set of screwdrivers for computers. Now it will run better than ever.

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