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Chris C asked Can you add LED lights to something without sodering?

I want to add LED lights to a helmet for a costume I'm building. A lot of the tutorials online have an element of soldering to them. I've never soldered anything before. How difficult is it? Is there a way to add the lights without soldering but still get them in the exact position I want them in?

And got the following answer:

Soldering is a matter of practice and the right equipment. Ideally you should get a temperature controlled iron but a 25W iron with a fine tip will work for most small jobs. Get 60/40 lead tin solder. The lead free stuff is pretty hopeless. I started soldering with a soldering iron that looked like a small poker and you had to heat it up on a gas ring on the cooker. I've even managed with a cigarette lighter and a screwdriver for an emergency auto repair so with a proper soldering iron and good solder the job becomes a breeze.

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