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playful asked Do outside Christmas lights use a lot of power?

I just wonder if using a lot of lights for outside decorating will cost a lot. I wouldn't think lights pull that much power.

And got the following answer:

Depending on the quantity and quality of your lights, you could be pulling a lot of power for them. LED Christmas lights use a fraction of the the power that incandescent lights do. For example, an incandescent mini light typically requires 0.165 amp, but an LED mini light will only need .033 amp. Incandescent C7 and C9 bulbs need 5 or 7 watts, but LED C7 and C9s only need 0.2 watts. Here's a chart to illustrated the usage difference: http://www.christmasworld.com/led-benefits Yes LED lights can be more expensive when you buy them, but you will save money because they use less power and last a lot longer. Also, everyone and their dog is making LED Christmas lights trying to get their shot at the LED craze, so make sure you get high quality LEDs. Low quality ones will just break or go out and you'll end up loosing money. Here's a brand I trust: http://www.christmasworld.com/christmas-lights/led-lights

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