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dan g asked How do I determine which wire is "hot" on a new fixture when both wires are the same color?

I am replacing a ceiling light fixture. I have a black, white and ground wire in the ceiling box. The two wires on the fixture are the same color. How do I determine which one is "hot"? If I erroneously connect the hot wire from the ceiling box to the neutral wire from the fixture, will I damage the fixture?

And got the following answer:

Use a voltmeter or even one of those led testers that have two probes and check the voltage between each wire and ground. The one with the voltage or that lights the bulb is hot. The other is neutral. There should be a bare wire that is ground. Be careful not to get them reversed. In a light socket the screw part is neutral and the center contact is hot. This is to protect you from touching the hot by mistake.

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