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andy asked what's the best rechargeable aaa batteries for 200 lumen led flashlight?

I purchased a 200 lumen led flash light power by 3 aaa battery.I wonder what is the best rechargeable battery suit for flash light and long last life.My last rechargeable batteries was Eneloop brand which is last only 3 months and I not even use my flash light many times.

And got the following answer:

Depends on what you want. First, I somehow doubt that a 3 AAA flashlight will deliver anything approaching 200 lumens. 200 lumens will mean something like at least 1 amp out of the battery, which would discharge the 3 AAAs within ~20 minutes. Next, you're going to have to decide what you want: long standby time or high current. For long standby, you'll still have to use the eneloops. For high current, you'll have to look for camera or R/C rated batteries. But in any case, those are also susceptible to being deep discharged - especially in a 3-series configuration. Bet you that two of those three eneloops are still ok-ish, while the third is completely dud (or even polarity-reversed)? Final advice? If you want a 200 lumen flashlight, get one that is powered from a single LiIon battery - 18650s are the most common in that power range, 123s or CR2s will do in a pinch.

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