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Katarina asked How to add the light to the outdoor fountain?

I purchased this great looking 2-tier outdoor fountain, but I would like to add the light for a better effect. I've been searching the internet for submersible lights, but I found either the pond-type (which is way too big), or battery operated submersible 10 LED tea lights. Those look nice - especially dual LEDs, but I would prefer not having to run to hit those 10 ON/OFF switches twice a day. Plus the battery life in those ranges only from 30 to 40 hours. I was even thinking about getting one of those submersible LED strips for tanks/pools.....but there are those cables again. Can I add the light (it can even be one small light - nothing fancy) without those cables sticking out of the bowl of the fountain? Even if I got one of those solar lights, there still are those cables connecting the light with the power-source (solar panel). Is there ANY way on how to hide the cable? Thank you so much for any suggestions.

And got the following answer:

Try painting it, or wrapping it in tape, the same colour as the fountain and fastening it close to the fountain, there are clips you can buy for cords, though i'm not sure if they will work in this case. You could even get artistic and make it look like a vine (you can disregard that). Unfortunatly I cannot think of anything else, but the first solution would at least make it less noticeable. Good luck!

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