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crazy person asked How do I install lighting for my car?

I want to put LED lights under my passenger and driver side foot area? How would I install the lightings?

And got the following answer:

There are a few different approaches you can use to acheive the desired effect. I've added custom lighting similar to what you're looking for to many of our restoration projects. I would begin by removing the front seats. 4 bolts and a little manuvering to get them out is worth the time saved trying to work around them. Next you'll need to find a suitable mounting location under the dash. Be very watchful of what you're considering running a screw into. In many vehicles the ducting is accessible under the dash. A hole here will cause the system to leak and due to expansion/contraction will eventually cause the LED light fixture to fall out. As far as getting power to the fixtures find your fuse box and install a new line. Most boxes will have 1 or 2 empty slots that you can use for accessories. If you don't have experience running a new line from a fuse box you can purchase a "stacked" connector at any auto parts store. This will allow you to pick a currently active fuse (radio for example) and piggyback off it's power source. This will also ensure the light fixtures only receive power with the ignition on. Custom lighting is just that....be creative. A slow and steady approach is much better than haphazardly mounting crap under the dash and duct taping wires. Take your time, read the LED light manufacturers recommended voltage/amp levels and get to work. Hope this helps!

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