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clean_pair_of_pants asked What are the advantages of LED lights (string of christmas lights)?

I work at a department store and we sell LED Christmas lights (generally for your tree) but were sent no information about them. I know they use less energy and last "a long time" and are non-replaceable but what other info can I give my customers? I'd love to be able to tell them how long they will last or how they work. If one blows, do the rest go as in on a string of fairy lights? Should I be pushing the LED lights or steering people back toward the traditional replaceable fairy lights? Thanks!

And got the following answer:

You are right - unlike regular filament lamps which have a wire which gives off light due to this igniting withing a vacuum, the LED's have a harmless gas within them which ignites but gives off no heat. LED's work on low voltage so there is no danger of electric shock and no risk of fire hazard and will last many tears for decent types. Filament lamps also have the disadvantage that they can be easily broken being glass whereas LED's are made of hard plastic. Individual lights rarely fail so they are not meant to be removed or replaced. Many of these come in from China now, as you probably know, but are not always reliable in terms of life expectancy; spending a bit more on something decet will be money well spent.

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