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josh asked can i make a cannabis grow box out of a very old IBM computer case?

when it its sitting flat (how its intended to be sitting) it is about 6 inches tall.. so thats pretty much out of question. when it is sitting long ways it is about 2 feet tall and 6 inches wide need somebody with a fully functional brain that can understand this question. of course iv been on the cannabis stupid, why would i want to grow it if i wasnt.

And got the following answer:

The short answer is yes. The long answer is probably not worth the time. You could grow cannabis in practically anything including an old shoe or a rhinoceros skull, but I imagine you want it to produce buds and make happy smoke right? I tried to grow pot in a 1ft crawl space under a bathroom years ago. It grew alright, but it was spindly and weak and never flowered or budded. It grew sideways along the floor trying to reach the few dismal lights I had in there. Besides soil and water, the plants would need sufficient light, and in a space that small, you would have to use florescents or LED lighting as anything else would make too much heat and bake your plants (and not the good kind of baked either) Even short/dwarf varieties of pot are gonna need 3-4 feet to reach adult size and start budding.

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