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daymo02 asked A question about led strip aquarium lights?

I have two aquariums, one is a 55g and the other is a 40g. I decided I wanted to get a led strip to for both of my tanks. But this is what I would like to know, are the led strips reliable ? by the way I don't have hoods covering the top of my tanks I have glass tops. I know some of the led strips go around the top of the aquarium and some can go in the water, which one is better ? If this helps any I do not have any real plants in either one of my tanks, I have just the fake plants. Okay about the led that goes around the top of the aquarium how do you get them to stay there ? Any information about led lighting would help at this point.

And got the following answer:

Dan's answer is incorrect on a few point. LED lighting is complicated. With way this lighting spreads out depends on the angle of the lens of the light. LED lighting so new that the information on them is still so scientific most people have a hard time understanding (like myself). LED is has a totally new language that differs from the past 20 years of lighting. WATTS and KELVIN no longer okay a part in our language when it comes to LED.... So beware of the information you obtain unless from a professional or someone that's gone the mile and has paid the extreme cost of lighting their tank with them... Anyway, I've started converting to led and chose to do mix lighting T5 with LED due to the extreme cost... Right now Im using the under water/ hidden LED that is attached to the rim. They are real nice but come with a $60 price tag each. I would go all the way around the tank but dont want to spend $500 to do it. The strip lighting that sit on top are really nice too. Again for my large tank its a $600-800 investment. So I'm going to slowly convert with the inside ones that attach under the rim. They are really nice! Anyone will work for you. Just choose a white light and stay way from the marine light strips. It will say "marine" or "for salt water" . These are even more expensive and maybe too bright for what you need. Right now you dont have to worry about the lens focus. This technology is still new so the aquarium lighting for LED is staying standard and not offering a lot of different focuses. You still cant find many strips in the stores because of the cost. Bit they are growing in popularity.... As for reliable; they are claiming they are. And supposed to be cheaper in the long run because you never have to change bulbs and they use less energy to run. What's better? That's up to you! The one that I have is completely low profile and disappears under the rim under the water! The ones that sit on top are really nice too. They have a low profile and totally look high tech...

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