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retalbot asked What is the G4 LED equivalent to replace a Halogen bulb G4 12V 20W and 35W?

I want to replace my outdoor lighting G4 12V 20W and 35W halogen bulbs with the equivalent LED G4 bulbs, size is important as the fixtures have only so much room.

And got the following answer:

Since you are replacing halogen with LED, wattage will not be an issue. Your only concern will be size and configuration of the LED array. There are three basic styles of arrays: disc, post or tower, and lollipop. Disc arrays are wide and flat with the pins attached to the back of the disc. Disc arrays are good for directional lights such as security or spot lights. Post arrays have a tight cluster of LEDs on a stick. Posts are good for omnidirectional lights such as carriage or overhead lights. Lollipop arrays look similar to disc arrays but have the pins on the edge of the disc. I know of no application where such an array would be preferred.

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