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Michael Edwards asked How to Replace Dome Lights in Car?

So i want to replace the dome lights on my 02 volvo s60 with brighter led lights. I watched some videos on YouTube of people doing it and it seems like all you really have to do is snap it off, plug in the light, then snap it back on. Does the same go for my car? Because i looked at it today and it doesn't seem as easy. Thank you!

And got the following answer:

The replacement LED bulb should fit your original dome light size. the replacement process is easy, just remove the cover from the RV dome light. Pull out the standard incandescent bulb inside. Then, insert a new LED bulb in place of the standard incandescent bulb. Replace the cover. Unscrew the dome light fixture by taking out the mounting screws with a screwdriver. Unplug the wires and replace it with a direct replacement LED dome light bulb fixture. Plug the wires in, then attach the fixture into place with the mounting screws.

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