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Mansi asked My phone fell in water and now the screen went blank?

I use Nokia Lumia 610. Within 7 days, mistakenly it fell into the gutter and it took almost 2 hrs to get it out. After I got it, I removed the battery and sim and dried it with a dryer. I gave it to the Nokia store but they told me that the phone won't switch on and then they were helpless. Some days ago when I tried to charge it, the touch signs (at the bottom) lighted up. It happened so when I tried to switch it on too. The screen remains blank but the touch signs light up. Please help.

And got the following answer:

the thing about phones is, you should never dry them with a drier. if the setting was on cool, fine; but if on hot air, it'll sizzle whatever components in the phone by heating the water remaining in it. as for the screen, the film may have gone when it fell into the gutter, or simply water seeped between the cover and the actual LED's, causing a foggy blank.

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