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Ian asked Can you use regular LED lights or other house hold lights to grow indoors?

I have a very bright 35 watt 12 volt light that plugs into an out let and I also own the swirly LED lights in white and yellow. I planted an herb in the small cup which is in a small box with plenty of airflow and a small led light that turns on at night time... It's rather cold and the 35 watt light I have gives off substantial heat, when the sprouts grow alittle more ill expand to a bigger box with a fan and reflective paper, with a filtered exhaust for odors, I'm just curious which light to use

And got the following answer:

Use a specialty flourescent bulb made for plants as it will have a specific output of light waves that will stimulate growth. You need plenty of warmth and moisture for your "herb" to grow properly. This is liable to create mold so you may have to move to another part of the house and shut off the area with the "herb". Put and exhaust fan in the ceiling that will move at least 750cfm. Vent this through the soffit area of the building so it is not noticeable to neighbors. Cut a hole into the floor (if you have a crawl space) and cover with a grating for ventilation. Cover any windows with plywood painted black to keep neighbors from wondering why the lights stay on at all hours. If possible this room should be at the rear of the building so a thermal instrument cannot pick up the heat signature as easily from the street. If your "herb" garden gets big enough you will need more power for the larger lights and venting system that are sure to follow. You may have to tap into the electrical grid in front of the meter to hide the large increase in electrical use (I won't cover this here). Finally if I were you I would rethink this and consider putting in a little garden somewhere apart from your house, say...the middle of a national forest. You could visit it on weekends. Good Luck

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