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superpython6 asked Where can i find an image/information about the interior of a 1980's home?

Let me know! Thanks.

And got the following answer:

Home trends in the 1980's were affected by popular culture. There were several different trends that emerged: Dallas and Dynasty were popular shows, Nancy Reagan's and Princess Di's style also accented opulence, glamor and glitz (the Royal wedding was in '81) . This led to a post modern neo classical look that used greco-roman accents like pedestals, columns and busts. Just like the formal, heavily shoulder-padded clothing, homes were opulently adorned with heavy window treatments and expensive fabrics. Another trend was an adaptation of art deco using brass accents and laquered wood. Colors were mauve, taupe, peach and seafoam. The popularity of Miami Vice spurred interest in a beach look that included palm trees, wicker furniture, pastels and sea shells. Also, MTV began in the 1980's, and with it the unusual look and sound of New Wave musicians. It inspired a modern techie-look with black & white accented by strong primary colors. Also, the industrial look was popular with perforated metal, wire reinforced glass tables, steel reinforcing mesh and tractor seat stools More mainstream American home trends included track lighting, bronzed glass, ceiling fans, sectional sofas, and globe-style light bulbs. If you're trying to get images maybe look at some of the 80's tv shows set in the time: Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Golden Girls, Moonlighting, Miami Vice, LA Law. Just found this which has a few pics.. http://www.wilsonart.com/design/statement/printarticle.asp?articleID=226

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