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MakeshiftShimBuilder asked How may I go about making a wooden camper trailer?

It would be nice if it was like a pop up, and i could get inside and it would be sealed up and everything. Any suggustions on how i can make it pop up? And i will just pull it around with my atv. Or should i just make it a camper trailer where it doesnt have to pop up? Thanks for your help. Im using wood cause i cant weld. You can only be a kid for so long!

And got the following answer:

I've been planning one of these for a while. My design is for a non-pop up for summer or winter camping. My main criteria is that it fits a queen sized bed and a commode in it but the shell is the hard part.. everything else is just framing. I'll be building two main curved beams into a teardrop shape. Each beam will be cut out of plywood and laminated up three thick. the outer upper edge will be rounded over. I'll then frame 1.5 inch wide 1x4s into the sides, top, and back, framing in openings for the windows and door. I'll cover with 1/4 inch plywood and then fiberglass over the plywood with polyurethane based resin. The polyurethane base will have more flexibility and resist cracking better than an epoxy resin.. Also no hazing.. After thats all done I'll build the door and fiberglass that, install fiberglass insulation and flexible panel walls on the inside, put in a powered vent, LED lighting, bed frame, wall partition for the commode, etc. For the commode I'll be relying on bags for solid waste and a flushless urinal drain for liquid waste. The cheapest trailers to start with seem to be worn out pop-up campers, just make sure the frame is still good. They sell for about $300 around here. I'd guestimate another $1500 total for supplies but it really depends on how much you scrounge. Since my design will be really light I've been toying with the idea of building it on a boat trailer but I need to get better estimates first. Just whatever you do make sure to read up on how to balance the trailer and really make sure to attach your camper to the frame well. If you're driving 70mph into a 15mph headwind that camper had better stand up to 85mph wind or you're going to have a bad day!

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