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cuzimaboss!! asked Replacing under cabinet lighting?

Our house came prewired for undercabinet lighting and has the super hot halogen lights. I am trying to switch them to LED, All the stores carry are plug-in type, not hardwire. The guy told me just to cut off the plug and wire them. I did, and it worked, however now I have no where to place the ground wire that comes out of the cabinet. Is it ok to leave these ungrounded?

And got the following answer:

In most areas it's against code to run the 16 gauge lamp cord supplied with the lights you describe inside a wall. So, if you've run that lamp cord into the wall and to a switch, it's against good practice. If you've simply taped or wire-nutted the wires together you're still not good because those connections should be in a junction box of some sort. You can buy surface boxes that will serve the purpose. Just cap off the ground inside your junction box.

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