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Ricky asked Why US people always say China make low quality products but no one blame the wholesaler in your country?

china is a factory,factory just made products according to the requirements.there are no factories want to make bad things,cause bad things also means little profit iphone and ipad is also made in china ,how do you think the quality?i think it's good US merchant want to make big money want factory use bad material,so China just do as what he said. why people blame china make cheap product but no one blame the unscrupulous merchant in your country?

And got the following answer:

The premise of the question is not exactly right. People say Chinese made products are low quality because they are for the most part. They don't blame the Chinese workers, they blame the US corporations that closed the factories in the US and set up the factories in China to make the low cost throw away products. Even when the products were still being made in the US, the quality had already decreased significantly, which is why people stopped paying a premium price for US made products that were inferior in quality to lower cost Japanese products. This led US companies to set up shop in China through joint ventures that are 51% owned by Chinese interests but where the majority of the profits go to the US based multinational corporations that supply the Capital and technology to make the low quality products at a competitive price. In some instances they just disassembled an entire factory and shipped it to China, and presto, the low quality products that would not sell at a premium price required by high US wages instantly become competitive at low prices made possible by much lower Chinese wages. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved except the US workers who lost their jobs, the communities that lost their tax base and everyone else that has to pay the massive costs associated with middle aged workers who cannot find steady employment that affords a wage that one can raise a family on in the US and are essentially permanently unemployed, and then not even counted in the unemployment statistics since they have stopped looking for work once it became futile. Forty years ago the unemployment rate for high school educated males aged 24-50 was around 3%. Currently it is around 24%.

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