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Gone Fishing asked What type of corded drill should I purchase?

Okay, I cannot afford a good cordless drill, so now I am looking at electric (corded) drills. I'm sure that the same things apply to corded drills as to cordless drills. However, on corded drills it appears that the power is measured in amps rather than volts. How many amps do I need to drill through wood and seat crews without stripping them? I went to Lowe's and see that an 8 amp Dewalt corded drill is $70.00 dollars as compared to an 18 volt Dewalt which is approx. $150.00. I know corded is not as convenient as cordless, but my budget is $75.00, (so I also need to think about the cost of an indoor/outdoor extension cord.) Okay, now I'm confused. Dan H says that his Ryobi and Black and Decker are used in daily construction, which I assume is pretty heavy and active use. However, other people are saying that Ryobi's and B&D's have plastic internal parts and won't hold up. Which info. is correct?

And got the following answer:

you should be able to get a decent cordless for $75. Another good option is a $50 cordless and a really cheap corded drill. You'll get to use each for what they are best at, cordless for driving screws, and corded for drilling holes. If you go with the corded drill, be sure to get a variable speed drill. And most people prefer a keyless chuck, but it can be a challenge to really torque down a drill bit with some versions of keyless chucks. So again, the cheaper cordless with a keyless chuck for driving screws, and a cheap corded drill with a keyed chuck for drilling holes is a good way to go on a budget. Avoid the coleman brand of cheap cordless. I have had very bad experiences with their cordless tools. Sears is good, so is dewalt. For the corded drill, try Menards if you have one, the toolshop line of products is very inexpensive and not that bad for an occasional use. But if you are into quality and can't abide cheaper products, then I agree that you'll need to go with a corded drill to get into the good quality lines. Bosch is too expensive. Think craftsman or dewalt or makita for brands. Ryobi has too many plastic parts internally that will strip eventually

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