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kurtwalden asked What type of Rotary Hammer Drill is best for drilling into a poured foundation?

I need to drill a series of holes in a poured concrete foundation to allow for a 6" vent to be installed. I would like to drill a series of holes in a circle, then multiple holes in the middle to make it easier to chissel out. Any recommendations on types / models of rotary hammer drills?

And got the following answer:

Can't agree with the air hammer for a vent hole. That's what I'd use if I wasn't concerned with a neat opening and wanted a rough hole fast. The core drill does give the neatest hole, but cost more to rent, and is too expensive to buy for a one time job. It is fast though, and would be my first choice. The "best" rotary hammer drill depends on how much you want to spend. All the standard manufacturers (DeWalt, Porter/Cable, Milwaukee, Ryobi, etc.) make very good quality RHD's. Pick one based on you're own familiarity with the makers. I tend to use Porter/Cable products. Hilti probably is best, but too pricey for me. For concrete foundation walls you're looking for the larger size RHD, with a 1/2 inch chuck. You need to be able to hold this thing with two hands and it WILL take some strength AND patience. Don't try to do it all at once, have more than one bit of each size, and you will likely hit at least one piece of re-bar (stop, go around, cut later after chipping out). The older the concrete is, the harder the job will be. Note: A small bit size will cut faster (marginally) but you'll need more of them. I generally use a 3/8 bit for the perimeter holes, 1/2 inch for the interior holes. Try to mark and "punch" the perimeter holes about 1 inch apart first to get a fairly neat opening. Good Luck!

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