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SoBeIt(3rdaccount) asked how to take ultrasound of a wall?

I wanna know what is inside the wall before i drill holes. Is there a device that does this. is it gonna cheap. Can i build one myself.

And got the following answer:

Hi Sobelt, this is Mike with The Home Depot. I am not aware of an ultrasound tool for walls; however we sell at the Home Depot a video wall inspection system. It’s called the Milwaukee M-Spector. It allows you to open a small hole in the wall and insert the camera and flexible cable and view the interior of the wall. It’s amazing technology and the video is even in color. While it is not cheap, it can be used for many projects including walls, drains and in automotive applications. Check it out at your local Home Depot. I have included a link below I hope this information is useful to you . Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man For information on the Home Depot Community, visit

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