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Mitchell asked Is it legal to put green LED lights in the grill of my car?

Plus, is there a car besides a Pontiac firebird that is cheaper and will look good with the lights on the front? I am not trying to replicate the car completely. Just trying to do something fun and similar. Please be specific about off road and highway. Do you mean highway as in interstates or all roads in city limits? Plus off-road. Is it off interstate or a more specific dirt road? Please help me. I would really like to do this. I live NC by the way. If this helps.

And got the following answer:

If you want the most accurate answer, you need to call your local North Carolina Highway Patrol office. They know every law regarding vehicle modification. In most states, Highway Patrol will tell you something like "you can have any light you want on your car, as long as they are not illuminated while you're driving." What this essentially means is you can't have them on when driving on public roads. Any road with a designated speed limit & the police can pull you over or is found on a detailed map will be a public road. That means ANY highway. State highway, interstate highway, city highway, highway going to the planet Mars, etc. etc. Off road essentially means just that: off-road. A dune buggy racing on a sandy beach or a 4WD SUV in the forest off the dirt trail looking for a camping spot. Areas where an ordinary car like that black on black Pontiac Knight Rider car shown above will not be driven on. A light flashing/moving on the front of your car is sure to be illegal regardless of color. You're either impersonating an emergency vehicle (which tends to be a felony if caught) or you're causing a distraction for other drivers on the road. "Looks" is a subjective term, meaning something that looks beautiful to me may look completely ugly to you.

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