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Karen asked Can I use a 240v breaker with a 250v recepticle?

I have the following temperature controller: and I was wondering if I could use an 80a 120/240v breaker to run it. I'm not sure if the amperage rating is for 120v or 240v, either way I think it will suffice as I need 50a to run the "250v" recepticle. Thanks for the help. In response to dtsell: The controller unit says it requires 250v to operate, I want to know if 240v and 250v are the same thing. Also, the breaker I am looking at says it's rated for 80 amps, but it says it's rated for 120 and 240v, so I am unsure if it will provide 80 amps for both 120 and 240 volts.

And got the following answer:

First thing is that your controller will operate at either voltage. The controller will draw 0.025A at 240V, 0.050A at 120V. Read section 1.2 It is your output that can handle either 7 A at 120VAC to a Resistive load like a heater. 5A at 249VAC resistive or 50VA ( Watts) inductive, like a motor or contactor. This is also in Sec. 1.2 That comes out to about 0.21A at 240V or 0.4A at 120V. There is no need for this controller to have more than a 1Amp protection on either the supply line or the output relay. What size breaker you need for the device to be controlled depends on that device and whatever contactor you use. You will not be able to control a 50A receptacle with this unless you have some other contactor or relay rated for it. I believe you are interpreting 50VA as 50A. In which case you should have someone else do this. 50VA is Watts. Divide the 50VA by the voltage to get Amps. Edit: I do not see 250V anywhere in this manual. It clearly says it will operate at 120V or 240V. These are nominal voltages. Line voltage can range from 105-130 or 205-260.

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