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pearly+11 asked Can a hot plate/Bunsen burner keep a constant temperature?

I need to design an experiment to do with measuring temperature of water in a beaker, and I need to use four different temperatures, but I don't know how to keep the temperature in the water constant! Can you do this with a hot plate?

And got the following answer:

Place the beaker of water on a hot plate and set it to a given position of the temperature controller (if it has one) and observe the water temperature over a reasonable time period (after the water comes to temperature) using a scientific thermometer. That will let you know whether the temperature cycles. Some hot plates are either on or off and others may use a thermostat to turn the plate on or off as needed to regulate temperature within a band. Still other hot plates may have settings that controll constant electrical current at different set points and may remain steady. If the hotplate you use cycles you may try a double boiler (experiment within the inner pot or beaker) to minimize effects of any cycling. Improvise your own 'double boiler.' You could also try a double boiler on a Bunsen burner adjusting the flame to control temperature in the outer pot.

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