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heavymetalbabe26 asked What kind of christmas lights do i use outdoors?

yes i know they would say on the box, but i was wondering if the ones that dont say it on the box would work outdoors also? also what kind of lights are the best value if i want to wrap lights around 4 posts?

And got the following answer:

If they are rated for indoor outdoor, you are good to go. If you are using the type that have a transformer plug into them, then those are not rated for outdoor use. The least expensive lights are the incandescent bulbs that you can purchase for as little as $2 a box at Lowe's. Many of the hardware stores sell sets of ribbon lights that wrap around poles very nicely. Otherwise, you can string them around the post and secure them so they do not fall down. LED lights cost more, but look brighter and use less electricity.

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