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DN714 asked What's a good florescent light with stand used for video recording?

I want a portable light stand with extension cables, just plug into an outlet and that's it. Those that are used for recording a video indoors. One that is bright and you can adjust the angle of the light. It has to be affordable, I don't know how much these cost. Something that can fit in a car without being much of haul. Not the big square ones with like 5 lights in it. oh and I might do outdoor night filming too. The light doesn't have to brighten a wide area for this one.

And got the following answer:

Hi David: If you want to use fluorescent bulbs, especially the spiral-shaped CFL screw base kind, I'd experiment with some of the warm-white phosphor style (matches incandescent indoor lighting better), mounted in an old-style 8mm movie camera light-bar. These sockets were originally designed for large (150W-250W) floodlamps, since 8mm color film required lots of light. Another simple trick with CFL bulbs is the standard aluminum reflector utility clip-lamp, that's available at any hardware or dollar store. The reflector will help add "punch" to the lights where you want to aim them. Adorama's website (trusted online camera dealer) has some affordable fluorescent lighting options: http://www.adorama.com/LTO210.html . That one uses 3 flicker-free spiral CFL's with a "daylight" rated color temperature. LED lamps are also becoming more affordable and are another cool-light option for indoor shooting. Just be careful of color temperature, or invest in some lighting gels to correct it. Fellow Y!A Contributor "Palladini" (Dave) uses vintage floodlamp bars, and has an example on his website: http://asimplelife.ca/light2.html (See the green arrow pointing to "Extra Key Lights" in the top photo. Aluminum single-bulb reflectors can be seen on the left.) I've adapted a standard 4-lamp "bathroom vanity" lamp fixture (the kind that globe lamps mount in over a sink mirror) in a similar fashion using small halogen floodlamps (G.E. PAR-20's -- see: https://www.lightbulbwholesaler.com/p-21000-50w-par20-halogen-flood-lamp.aspx ). UPDATE: I've added links in the text body and in my Sources below. If you're doing much outdoor work, invest in a REAL movie light stand (Matthews or Century C-Stand are the best type) and some sand-bags or shot-bags as weights to prevent tip-over. As you'll read from the reviews, Adorama makes light-weight stands designed for indoor use, to keep the cost down. hope this helps, --Dennis C.  

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