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ncpropes asked Sound dampening mats?

I am building a computer that I know is going to have a relatively high noise level. In order to reduce the noise as much as possible I am mounting everything with rubber grommets. That will reduce any rattle associated with loose mounting. However, the noise from the fans will still be a problem. Now on to my question. Has anyone here used sound dampening materials such as the one in the link below. I have never used matting and was trying to decide if I should give this product a go or not. Someone made the comment that the PC might overheat. Currently the processor in it is running at -4 degrees C as I have a peltier plate on it. I have two 3x120mm radiators to disperse the heat out of the case, so in case heat is not a problem, just the noise of the fans.

And got the following answer:

I have one similar and from the same site they work fairly well the thing is that you have to put them in the correct places areas like the entire side panel and bottom panel is a smart place also, underneath the harddrive and other drives. the problem is that heat is going to stay inside them If i were you i would get a couple Zalman fan controllers that is a good example i have 2 of them. One for my Zalman 9500 (included) the other for my 120mm fan that pushes 90 cfm of air. that is alot and creates lots of noise but with my case closed, the fans switched on low and the sound padding, It is extremely low. and sounds about the same or a little less than a home entertainment system from Dell. Oh if you have a case door (front one) then that is awesome add some on the inside of the front door and that blocks a ton of sound out. Save a sheet though. then place it behind your tower, so that it absorbs some sound coming out the back of the case. my god you have a hot computer (temperature wise) the peltier plate is even worse the heat from the otherside will cause more heast to be trapped inside the sheets but i asume you have watercooling because of the 2 radiators you have. the things is to buy fan controllers the small zalman ones are for your side airduct fan and maybe the one in the back of the case. for the radiators get a larger, and more complex controller (or 2)

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