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dave asked IS there an energy efficient bulb that gives off the same light as a regular one.?

All the energy efficient bulbs I buy are blue nasty light. I love the regular bulbs but they are so bad for the environment and more expensive. I've tried a few brands but they all seem to be blue or a fake white. Any brand name suggestions would be great.

And got the following answer:

Look at the LED lights. CFLs are just a transitional technology anyway. LEDs can be the 5500K bluish color, or they can be 3500K akin to the old incandescents. Many manufacturers, If you are looking strictly for the "mazda base" lights, Sylvania, Philips Osram, etc. If you are looking at entire fixtures, check out and enter into the search "Power LED" And you will get many choices. Just remember to check the color temp .

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