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Laissa asked How to start an events photography business?

I am planning to start an events photography business, I'd like to start small, like covering birthday parties, children parties, baptisms, local sports events etc.. I have already done few events for some my family and friends for free but now I'd like to try doing it professionally. At first I'll try to avoid shooting for weddings since weddings have pre-nuptials and wedding preps shoot and usually those shoots need certain kinds of skills and artistic vision which I think I have not developed yet. But I'm planning to attend workshops for wedding photography some time in the near future ( maybe this month or the next) so I might just touch on that aspect someday. Anyway, I'd like to ask what are the gears that I need to add to successfully jump start my business. These are the equipment that I currently have: Nikon D5100 Nikkor AF 50 mm f/1.8D (this is on my camera most of the time) Tamron 70-300mm without VC (I have used this a lot in triathlon events and I'm quite satisfied about it) Standard kit lens Nikkor 18-55mm VR (I usually use this if I need a wider angle lens) Yongnuo Speedlite YN560 I was planning to buy a continuous light kit since I saw a lot of photographers used those in the events and parties that I attended. (nope I am not planning to do videography, I just want a different light source aside from my flash because I experienced shooting outside in the middle of the dark and got a really burned out picture) I was about to buy the Yongnuo LED video light 160 but at the last minute changed my mind. Should I have pushed through with the purchase or should I just try covering few events first with only my external flash then save my money to buy a bigger light source? (Take note: this unit contains only 160 LED bulbs for $50 at Amazon. I liked it because it was light and portable plus I don't have an assistant so I'm the only one who would do all the shooting and lighting placement work. ) Another thing, should I buy another camera body (like a Nikon D600 which will become my main camera and the Nikon D5100 will be my extra since I heard that it is nice to have an extra body in case your main camera encounters problems) or invest my money in a premium lens (wide angle or portrait)

And got the following answer:

You should really enrol in a photography course at your local college...they should offer evening and weekend courses that you might be able to do in your spare time...this helps you to be prepared for the demands of 'business' and would answer all the questions you have about your equipment... ...I'd also approach a local newspaper or even the local church magazine (if it has one) and ask if they could use your services to help illustrate their 'productions'...you couldn't really charge at this point, it is great experience though and will help you build decent 'contacts' for the future, at the same time it will let you see how 'difficult' and 'stressful' photography can be as a career choice.

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