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Curtis asked need a review of Porter Cable Combo pack?

I'm a DIY'er and new to the title. I do not have many power tools, and am in the process of building my equipment. anyway to my question. I'm very interested in a porter cable set available at my local hardware store. http://www.deltaportercable.com/Products/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=21238 is the link to the product. It is a Drill, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw and Flash Light. All Cordless thanks for your time.

And got the following answer:

Porter Cable are fantastic tools. They are considered industrial contractor grade tools. You will be very happy with them and get many years of use from them. Norm and Tommy on This Old House use them.The other brands of industrial professional tools you may want to look at are Bosch, Dewalt and Milwaukee. The two brand you need to stay away from are Sears and Ryobi only because they are considered weekend use tools.

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