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Momma of a 1 year old. asked What brand of drill and bits should I buy my husband for Christmas?

I am looking to buy a nice drill and bit set for my husband for Christmas... but have NO IDEA which brands are trustworthy when it comes to power tools. Which would you recommend? I do not shop at Sears, so please don't say Craftsman.

And got the following answer:

For woodworking, I recommend a brad-point drill bit set, like these - http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?Offerings_ID=10627 Look at the other images to get a good look at the difference between a brad-point, and a normal drill bit. The brad-point drill bit is easier to center on the work, tears out less, and doesn't 'skate', or wobble, as it starts to drill, like normal bits. Rockler has two brad-point sets available, the larger set, and a 7 piece set, that only costs about $20. Titanium coated drill bits will stay cooler, and tend to stay sharper longer, but do cost more. As to the drill itself, it really depends on how often he will be using it. Black & Decker is a decent brand, and a good choice for someone who does NOT use the drill every day. They'll tell you right on the packaging, its not intended for 'industrial' use (interpret that as meaning, you can't use them for everyday work). DeWalt, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, AEG, Porter Cable, and Bosch, are ALL good brands of tools you can use to make a living with. If your husband has any other tools by any of these manufacturers, then you might want to get the drill/driver from the same company. Lithium Ion technology is a new type of battery for cordless tools, and it is gaining popularity with the manufacturers and consumers. It provides just as much torque, the battery lasts longer, and is lighter in weight. Follow this link to Lowe's - http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productList&Ne=4294967294&category=Drills%2C+Drivers+%26+Bits&N=4294950409 You can sort your choices (on the left) by Brand, price range, etc.. to get a good idea of the choices you have. By the way - Kobalt hand tools (found at Lowe's) and accessories usually come with a lifetime warranty - I've been very happy with the Kobalt products I've purchased so far. Have Fun

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