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CuriusLaptop asked HOW TO completely remove a laptop/notebook screen and always use an external monitor?

I want to completely remove my laptop/notebook screen to convert the laptop to a lightweight desktop, meaning I will always use an external monitor. How to remove the existing screen and wire/earth the remaining power and inverter cables so as not to cause trouble? Thanks!!

And got the following answer:

not knowing your laptop make / model ... just posting a guide so as to demonstrate possibilities Using the Display Dell™ Latitude™ D830 User's Guide Adjusting Brightness Switching the Video Image From Your Computer Display to a Projector Making Images and Text Look Bigger or Sharper on the Screen: Setting Display Resolution and Refresh Rate Using an External Monitor Simultaneously as an Extension of Your Computer Display Using an External Monitor as Your Primary Display: Swapping Primary and Secondary Displays Using the Ambient Light Sensor http://supportapj.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/latd830/en/UG_EN/display.htm#wp1058044 Fn + F8 Fn + F5 or whatever, alternatively.... depeding upon your system so safest option would be 'swapping displays' this way your laptop display is disabled and the external display becomes the primary and sole display do not recommend tampering with the cables as results could be pretty nasty and could cost you dear btw: no earth connection in a laptop as supply is only 2 wire dc. adaptor input is 3 wire > phase, neutral & earth hope that solves your purpose !

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