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Billboxing asked Question on correct generator needed for home ?

Once the power goes out my friends sump pump is useless. What would be a good, but not overkill for operating the sump pump and maybe a couple appliances ? THANK you all for your great answers and help..........Can't pick a best answer.

And got the following answer:

Briggs and Stratton have just introduced a 2kW inverter type generator that looks very good. The price is considerably less than Honda and its clones. Well worth looking into. http://www.powersmartgenerators.com/ If your friend is on municipal water he could use a water powered sump pump that would be automatic and not require any electricity. http://www.radonseal.com/pumps/water-powered-pumps.htm If power outages are a common occurrence he might want to invest in a larger generator and a transfer panel. 5kW would operate most home appliances, furnace, etc. Check my home generator page for information. http://members.rennlist.org/warren/generator.html

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