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Jack Shepered asked Do you know anything about power inventors , the ones used in cars?

My boss is asking about power inventors. How much they cost? What's the voltage? What about the quality? How long its life? Could it run more than a printer and a laptop at the same time. Could you provide me with some pictures. Thank you.

And got the following answer:

They are called "inverters". Inventors come up with new ideas for products or new products. There are many for cars, and have different power ratings. You should get one that has almost twice the output that you will need. You don't need an inverter for a laptop. Most laptops have an available unit made for power that can come from a car. If your computer dealer knows the model of laptop, he can get you one. What type of inverter is needed for a printer depends on its type or model. Laser printers like for office are too powerful, so it should be a small inkjet. If it needs less than 100 watts, a medium inverter will do. But don't leave it on for very long. The car battery will go down rapidly. You don't want to be stranded.

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