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rumpdog34 asked Is it worth it to buy an extended service plan for a HDTV?

I'm looking at a Vizio, and the prices and reviews are great, however after you buy wall mounts and service plans, your out another $200! I feel like I have never used a service plan in my life, but I don't want this to be the time I wish I would have done it. What do you think?

And got the following answer:

I work in a shop that works on all the major brands and they all break. Every customer that brings a unit in for repair that has no extended warranty ends up paying more than $250 (this is usually the cheapest repair). Many just throws them away when they hear the cost of repair parts. These sets are usually repaired to the board level. Every once in a while we can change capacitors on the power supply, this is the $250 I mentioned before. If the panel goes bad then throw it away, If the main board fails then you are looking at $450-$600. Inverters and t-cons are many times part of the panel, if they're available then $400-$500. We do a lot of extended warranty and never has a customer complained when we drop off their set and they see what it might have cost them. But many have cried that they wished the had purchased it. I wouldn't bother buying a policy for an inexpensive unit, it's like russian roulette. But if you are making a serious investment then this is a necessary purchase tho protect that investment. Source(s):

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