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Xinhua Z asked I am looking to buy myself a power tool kit and a socket set. Are they usually compatible with each other?

This is a starter kit for myself. I am not looking for something super fancy or comprehensive. But it would be nice to leave some extensibility, so that I can add more to the chest later.

And got the following answer:

There are many decently priced cordless power drill "Sets" on the market. Dewalt/Black and Decker/Ryobi are all fairly priced and user friendly. To use sockets, if it isn't included with the cordless drill, you need to buy a DRIVER that fits in the chuck and accepts the connection to the socket. It's no more than a straight shaft about 2 inches long that a socket will kind of snap on to, then using the variable speed of the drill you can use the socket on a nut or bolt head. You can also by a DRIVER for hex head screws and bolts, or square head, screws. I suggest starting that way, not buying a 4 or 5 piece set that includes usually useless things like a flashlight or even a radio. As you say,,, it can always be expanded on later. I also suggest buying an extra battery and perhaps even an extra charger, in case you have work that discharges the included battery and want to finish the job without waiting for a charge. Try to buy a popular name brand,,, not an off brand like "Chicago" etc. Rev. Steven No offense to the first answer, and Craftsman is a decent tool, but the power tools are not guaranteed for life. Hand tools maybe, and even that may have changed since I worked for them in the 70's. They do of course offer service locally, but so do the other brands.

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