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tom asked limitations of two steps (on-off) control & which situation is such a control system commonly used?

And got the following answer:

The primary limitation of an on-off control is the fact that it employs a hysteresis band. The hysteresis band is the area in which the state of the controller will not change. Having a hysteresis band limits the precision of control of the controlled variable. Within an on-off controller, once the initiating limit starts the control action, the control state is latched until the opposing limit becomes satisfied. This forms the hysteresis band and it is in place to prevent excessive cycling of the on-off controller. Having a hysteresis band may be perfectly acceptable for certain applications. On-off controls are routinely used for pump stations whose purpose is to simply maintain a sump well level between two level limits. Your home thermostat is also an on-off control which maintains temperature between two temperature limits. Many home oven's apply a similar on-off thermostat. Your automobile's thermostat is also an on-off control. An automobile's thermostat opens once a wax bead melts once the engine is sufficiently hot and then will re-close once the engine sufficiently cools.

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