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In case you have some ideas on %keywords% that you simply would like to share with our other readers, please leave your comments. We would welcome your input in to the discussion. asked What does it take to become an air traffic controller?

Im 14 and thinking about gettin a job as an air traffic controller, I heard that they are unemploying many people, and that their pay dramatically dropped. Should I be thinking about a new carrer, or will controllers be needed more in a couple of years. Also what kind of education do I need, What are some good shools in aviation? 2 Answers

And got the following answer:

U need to finish high school after that u'll join a god aviation college to join that u've to pass the entry test and Medical test in which they'll check u for color blindness n other few things if u cleared all those u've to go through the training consist of radar training , Tower training , Area control training than u've o take a test with Civil Aviation Authority in ur country to have a license once u got a license than U'Ve to look for a job ATC job looks very simple but it really exhaust u mentally u've to make sometime real fast n quick decisions which u'll use to after training n experience After getting job u'll have on job training consist of LOCAL KNOWLEDGE about air Field n air space than u'll be validated to work solo but u've to complete every month particular numbers of Hours on job if u fail to do so than u've to go through checks n validation process again Its a good Field pays r high at some places but at some airports its low British airways tested Automated Air traffic control system but it is still in testing phase if it get successful may be some ATC people will lose job but sill there r too many airports to work on

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